About Us

Joanie and maurice

Our goal is to provide timeless, everyday intimate apparel, focused on easy, lux-comfort styles that adapt to your unique shape.

Time and time again, women have been forced to compromise on comfort, reliability, and self-confidence when choosing between the many variations of modern bras.

Most bras are so uncomfortable that women cannot wait to take them off in the evening.

This is why Joanie and Maurice Reznik set out to provide women with a luxuriously comfortable bra that they would want to wear around the clock.

Like most women, Joanie has spent her entire life facing the reality that most bras are not made for the comfort of women. Maurice has more than 30 years in the category, as President and CEO of some of the leading brands in the industry. Together they decided it was time to offer women a unique soft bra that adapts to their unique shape to provide the perfect fit. That goal led to the creation of the Only Bra.

But providing women with a comfortable bra wasn’t the end of their mission.

Joanie and Maurice wanted to create a bra that not only made a difference in the lives of the women who wore them but made a difference in the lives of women suffering across the nation.

Throughout her life Joanie has had a passion for giving back. Both her and her husband are the co-founder of For The Love of Life, dedicated to colon cancer research and an affiliate of Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Joanie is also on the board of Bronx Letters which works on enhancing education through college preparatory classes and encourages social change. With the launch of the Only Bra Joanie and Maurice want to use this unique bra as a way to give back to those in need.

That’s why Joanie and Maurice decided to partner with Shatterproof—a non-profit organization focused on ending the addiction crisis.

Both Joanie and Maurice are strong believers in Shatterproof’s mission and have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from the Only Bra to the non-profit.

Joanie and Maurice have also pledged to donate any Only Bras that get returned to Shatterproof. Shatterproof will then distribute the bras to women in need who are suffering from addiction.






Who Is Shatterproof?

Shatterproof is a national non-profit organization focused on fighting the addiction crisis sweeping across our nation. Founded in 2014, Shatterproof has furthered its mission by providing information, resources, and support to individuals suffering from addiction. 

At the community level, Shatterproof is working towards eliminating the stigma associated with addiction by educating community members and empowering them to help those around them who are struggling with this disease. 

Every year, millions of women across America suffer from the devastating loss of confidence, security, and sense of belonging that accompanies drug addiction. But together, we can help these women become whole again and work towards eliminating the disease of addiction.